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InBox is Live!

“InBox Decorations Your Online Source for e-Decorating”

Welcome to InBox Decorations, our new online e-decorating service at White Linen Interiors.  What is e-Decorating?  E-Decorating is a great way for a client to work with a professional Interior Decorator regardless where you live via your computer.  This is a great option for the person that is comfortable decorating their spaces on their own, but would like guidance with fabrics, accessories, lighting, paint color scheme, and furniture placement.  E-Decorating is an affordable and easy way to jump-start your home or office decorating with no budget restraints at your convenience with personalized service at your fingertips.  We will supply all the tools needed so you can confidently decorate your space on your own schedule and budget.  Whether using existing furniture or need a harmonious color palette for one or more rooms, your spaces will be custom designed just for you.

​​Thanks to the internet, decorating online has emerged into the mainstream of interior design and home decoration.  Working with an Interior Decorator has been thought for the high-end consumer, but beautifully designed interior spaces doesn’t have to be compromised based on lower budgets.

This is why “InBox Decorations” was implemented in our design services.  To help guide the decorate-it-yourself {DIY-er} consumer not to make costly mistakes by providing professional online decorating solutions. ​​​​​​​​​​

Our goal is to “Deliver excellent customer service, to assist you in all your decorating needs and to help you in creating beautiful, warm and inviting spaces that reflect your personal taste while staying on budget, whether traditional, modern, or contemporary styles.”​

​​​​​​​At White Linen Interiors LLC, we not only provide online decorating services, but also offer full service design to our local clients.  For more information about our design solutions e-mail us or visit our website at White Linen Interiors (dot) net for details. 

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